News flash. There is important information about sleep patterns that we didn’t all know. For one thing, there are people who are sleep deprived showing certain symptoms. They walk around confused and befuddled during the day and blame insomnia. They can’t remain alert and at attention. Their memory seems to be slipping Sleep disorders are more common than you think. They can range from the simple inability to fall asleep and the inability to go back to sleep to waking up frequently during the night.

It is unpleasant to feel tired and irritable for no cause of your own. The body is rebelling. It could be that stiff worn-out mattress or a bad pillow, as simple as that. It could also be negative thoughts that populate your mind during the late night hours causing tension and anxiety. Without the distractions of one’s day, they seem to dominate when they come to the fore.

Other causes of sleep disturbance are teeth grinding (curable at the dentist), allergies and colds, apnea (a type of breathing interruption), snoring, bladder problems (called nocturia), and nightmares. Once you find out what’s bothering you, it can be addressed with one or more solution.

I myself found out some degree of insomnia came from the wrong pillow. Thus it was a condition and not a disease to be feared. I sleep on my stomach, which is not the most prevalent position. Pillows are made for people who sleep on their backs for the most part, but some enterprising person has thought about the alternative. There are now memory foam models that can accommodate the face without smothering the sleeper.

First find out what type you are: side, back, or stomach sleeper. Then look at the myriad of choices for each. I chose the Sealy Posturepedic Stomach Sleeper pillow (they call the PostureFit) in the standard size. One was enough. It was a bargain at about $30 on Amazon. It was shipped right to my door. I love the 300 thread count cotton sateen—super smooth and sleek. Plus the thing is filled with hypoallergenic polyester (they call EnviroLoft). I selected soft density for my sleep style, but there are others available. Read the testimonials and you can learn what is best.

I find that as soon as my head hits this cushy number, I am asleep in minutes. That is a godsend for a former insomniac who got bored counting sheep. There is nothing so frustrating that letting your mind race through the night as you beg for sleep. All the problems of the day seem to appear instantaneously, as well as those from yesterday, and maybe tomorrow. Insomniacs are worriers to be sure and they use all possible fuel for their mental fire.

If this pillow isn’t to your liking, I do have another alternative with a hole in the center. It is the PillowMed customizable orthopedic sleeping pillow created by medical professionals for maximum comfort and health. At twice the price, I suppose it has twice the value. It is said to help alignment of the body while you sleep and to reduce neck pain, sore muscles, headaches, snoring, and more. Stomach sleepers can revel in its efficacy. Just open the four chambers using the zippers supplied and fill with the amount of stuffing desired. A side benefit to ladies, sleeping this way reduces wrinkles!