Whoever uses the Internet is by default involved in information systems and technology. You may not realize it, but it is automatic—part of the process so to speak. Most of us would shrivel up and die if our brains weren’t stimulated by what we find on the Web. We would also fall behind others in the self-education department. Let me use myself as an example. I feel woefully ignorant of the issues surrounding global warming and yet it is a number one problem in the world. I depend on articles written by the press and experts to keep me informed. Like many people, I am concerned and fear the consequences in my lifetime. According to what I read, the scenario won’t be pretty. We must take action now to stave off the impending peril.

One thing we can all do is to buy an electric car and stop gas-propelled vehicle pollution. If half of us took this advice, it would make an enormous difference. The statistics could change overnight giving us all some much-needed relief. There is one huge drawback, which is of course the price. These green cars aren’t cheap. If you are used to a Mercedes then maybe you can easily switch. But if you are the proud owner of an economy car, you cannot. Here is what I must do. I will start riding my bike to work at least a few times a week. As a responsible commuter, I will do my part in the preservation of the precious ozone.

Good commuter bikes are easy to find at all price points from On Road and Mountain. You can get a used one or share it with a friend. Where there is a will, there is a way. Take the Vilano Hybrid City Bike at $400 on sale for $175. Now here’s a bargain. You get speedy 700c wheels with 700c x 35c tires. Handling is easy and comfortable, making this an ideal choice for the price. You can find your own bike since we all have different preferences but I personally like the sturdy steel frame with water bottle mounts. I also appreciate the spring-loaded rear rack and matching fenders laden with practical splash guards. Commuters and weekend adventurers will be thrilled. People like me commute as do students and professors. It is so cool. There you are upright on your machine with classic-looking hybrid/cruiser handlebars. I relish the matching suspension saddle and stylish grips. I carry stuff with me to work so I must have the rear rack for my “cargo.”

If you want specs, you have them on the Vilano website. They enumerate the special features for you loud and clear including the hi-ten steel frame, linear pull brakes, twist grip shifter (with seven speeds), the free platform pedals, locking kickstand, and of course what I mentioned about the wheels and tires. I like to know exactly what I am getting for my money. The Internet never fails to supply every detail.