Digital Work


Hi, internet readers! I started this blog to speak about informational systems and technologies, the challenges we have to overcome, and how these technologies help big businesses. But technology and information systems have helped a lot of workers too. Technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed, so we can say that it has raised the living standard all over the world.

Let’s take digital hiring platforms as an example. People are constantly applying and working on projects, whether freelancing or full-time, which is especially beneficial for those who come from countries with big unemployment rates and end up working for somebody who comes from a country with big employment rates. Sometimes even the vice versa can be true. Technology and information systems have also worked out pretty well for people who don’t want to be stuck in one geographical place because of their job but prefer jobs that can be taken anywhere. Yes, I’m talking about digital nomads. 

Digital nomads are the type of workers who use contemporary technologies to earn a living while traveling all over the world. All they need is a portable computer and the internet. You can see these digital workers in libraries, coffee shops, and every possible place where they offer free wifi. Considering that I have also experimented with work and travel as a digital nomad, I must say that I’m really surprised by the great working conditions some places offer. My favorite place, besides offering beverages, food, and free wifi, also offers free hot showers (thanks for the recommendation Greg) and a lounge so comfortable that you can take a nap in.

More often than not, digital nomads command high salaries. It has been reported that some of these skilled workers can earn up to $100.000 per year, still, the majority of them earn around $50.000 to $80.000 a year. Another interesting fact is that the majority of digital nomads are employed by a company, but some of them have their own business which they run while traveling.  The digital industry, in general, has seen tremendous growth. That just means that this industry is here to stay. Digital nomads, that is the future of work.