Beach Towel


Technological innovation happens so fast that we can hardly keep up with new inventions and devices. Research and development departments are busy hubs indeed. We look forward to the new and hope progress will make our world a better place. It doesn’t matter if it has to do with electronics, clothing, food, or shelter. Everything is game to be changed in some fashion. Nothing is so perfect as avoid meriting alteration. It is an exciting world for the consumer always on the lookout for something new. It seems that people will buy anything to be the first such as the newest tablet, watch, or iPhone. Most things don’t change our lives dramatically, but a few have an impact in surprising ways. I am not talking about the big stuff like new models of cell phones laden with mind-bending apps that change the way we use cellular devices completely. You have to work hard to keep up. I am referring to all the small things that come up day to day that alter the way we employ products.

One minor example is the new fabrication of today’s best beach towels –just a utilitarian product that the average person uses to dry themselves off after a dousing in the ocean. Who would imagine it any other way than the striped expanse of cloth of which it is made. Now they are made of synthetic fabrics that absorb water faster and then dry out quick as a flash, kind of like the gym clothes you now find in athletic stores that let you sweat and keep cool. You can be drenched from a workout and still be comfortable. Some genius actually spent his day devising a new towel for the sun-loving public. After all, doesn’t everyone own at least a few. Of course, it can also be used at any swimming pool. What makes it special as a beach towel is that it can repel sand. Imagine that. Those tiny little grains will not infest the loops that normally form a terry cloth towel. They will not become trapped until you get home at which time they fall out at the most inopportune time. They might not even make it that far and tumble all over your car. Sand is gritty and annoying and making a towel that keeps it at bay is a great idea indeed.

Anyone who makes regular trips to the beach knows the value of repelling sand. They also know the value of drying off fast after you have finished your refreshing dip in the sea. These towels are not readily available just anywhere and you have to do a bit of hunting to find them. Even if you are swimming in a lake where there is no sand, you can still enjoy the soft luxurious fabric that has replaced the stiff ones of yore. They stay soft even after multiple washings and the sea salt does them no harm.